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That Is What You Have To Invest

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Ein fantastisches Coaching! Sie waren jeden Cent mehr als wert! Vielen Dank!
Leiter Personal (Persönlichkeitsentwicklung / Coaching) 2015

I always work with clear cost estimates

My collegues and my presence is paid by hour. I always work with clear cost estimates, there are no hidden costs.

The hourly rate amounts 230.00 € plus value added tax.
This includes a handout and if necessary literature as well as preparation and follow-up work

Accordingly the daily rate amounts 1,840.00 – 2,300.00 €

Lectures and standardized presentations are offered at a reduced price as a matter of course.

Expenses are charged separately. Incurred costs per kilometer including journey time amounts 0.75 €. I always choose the shortest route from either Bonn, Stuttgart and Hamburg.

Composition of the calculation

  • Generally known, a year has usually 365 days.120 days are allotted due to weekends and holidays.
  • Consequently 245 days are left over minus vacations days and sometimes sick days.
  • Also we have to subtract training days.
  • Every sold day of choaching means 1 to 2 days preparation and follow-up work.
  • This means 80 days a year I can coach and healthy balance between private life and work is given.
  • For me it is also very important to volunteer. I like to engage in various different contexts and I do not want to miss out on that. For that reason I cannot coach more than 80 days a year.
  • Consequently, with those 80 days I have to achieve the turnover for a whole year.

You have further
questions not only about the financial investment?

Gladly I would like to help you!

André Latz
Ein fundiertes und gutes Coaching und spitzen Seminare! Schon im Angebot haben Sie verschiedene gute begründete Optionen mit allen zu erwartenden Vor- und Nachteilen für unterschiedliches Budget vorgeschlagen. Vom Anegbot bis zur Nachbereitung der Personalentwicklung eine vorbildliche und angenehme Zusammenarbeit. So professionell, freundlich und fundiert wünsche ich mir alle Geschäftskontakte! Danke!
Leiterin Personal (Persönlichkeitsentwicklung / Führungskompetenz) 2015