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Etiquette For The Twenty-First Century
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Inform yourself about the Business Etiquette workshop!

You will find important information about the Business Etiquette workshop with andré latz team-entwicklung on the

Benefit from the expertise of the
coaches Julia Countess Stolberg, Andrea Collet and André Latz.

Long-term entrepreneurial success demands respectful treatment among each other.

Successful cooperation is based on appreciation of every person in front of the others. Teamwork starts with every individual. Support and challenge yourself at the workshop Business Etiquette because efficient teamwork only works with respect and appreciation.

Politeness and etiquette are an expression of your inside attitude. For example: You don’t expect agreement or deprecation of a conversation, but you feel pleasure and joy towards your counterpart and you are able to express this feeling.

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homepage* Business Etiquette, or as said in German "Knigge".

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