andré latz team-entwicklung Ethics As A Crucial Competitive Advantage

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I am a specialist for teambuilding and the
topics relevant for teamwork.

If you have any requirements which appear during the teambuilding process, I’ll come back to you with my wide network of co-operation partner.

I would like to introduce some of my network partner:

Dominic Frohn - Specialist for coaching and mediation of coherency of diversity
imposis - Specialist for CSR and analysis of “soft” factor
Iyengar-Yoga-Arts - Specialist for Yoga and psychology
Tanja Klein - Specialist for Coaching
Trapezius - Specialist for experiential education

A multitude of expertise is available for your company through the big network of co-operation partners and experts.

A number of experts are available to offer their advice to supplement my own expertise:

In the domain of strategy consulting and big data:
Hans-Werner Klein

In the domain of medicine:
Dr. Tim Kümmerle

In the domain of church / non-profit organisations:
Father Dr. Johannes Römelt

In the domain of public services / armed forces:
Lieutenant colonel Uwe Srp

In the domain of business etiquette
Julia Gräfin Stolberg
Andrea Collet
Anke Willberg

You are interested in cooperating with me?
I’m happy to hear if you would like to
contact me.

André Latz