andré latz team-entwicklung Ethics As A Crucial Competitive Advantage

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Practical Experience
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Long lists of references do not say much, but usually anything.

Usually you will find a list here, mostly alphabetically of well-known companies. I could present a list of names and logos of big international companies, organizations and so called “Hidden Champions”. But in my opinion, the benefit of such a list is very low for you.

That is why I am asking you to accept my decision and trust on my long lasting work experience in various industries national as well as international. Talk to me about your concrete requirements.

Questions about business-, teams- and leading culture feature different relevance.

Teamwork between me and my colleagues is not based on a list of 'references' but on following mutual evaluation

  • Are we a perfect match?
  • Do our goals match?
  • Does your budget meet the demanded goals?

It is better to discuss these questions in a personal interview or telephone call.

If we feel the need to exchange more references above all, I am very happy to hear about references you have worked with before. Gladly I would like to make
contact to my clients for you.

Mostly companies and organizations with around 150-1800 employees count to my clients.

Small companies like enterprises have been and still are an appreciated partner.

You will find a selection of my
theoretical experience here.

Benefit from the qualifications of my
co-operation partner.

contact me, I will come back to your requirements quickly and well-founded.