andré latz team-entwicklung Ethics As A Crucial Competitive Advantage

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Appreciate Diversity
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Teams are successful – lone fighters prove costly because teams are more efficient

If people start to appreciate themselves in their
diversity, they do not do well in their jobs. They do excellent.

If everybody would be in complete agreement, there would not be innovations. In one team different individuals work together. Consequently, different and mostly contrarian opinions and interests collide.

If diversity is perceived as a basis for innovative
teamwork and not inhibiting, it bears big potential.
Only within the society we can rise above ourselves!

Without appreciation for each other the potential to innovation cannot be bailed out. The strengths of every individual complement one another within a team. Weaknesses will be caught up from the team.

Only those companies which appreciate human beings in their individuality experience innovation and are always able to serve the market permanently and successfully.

Diversity is a question of many facets including
intercultural topics.