andré latz team-entwicklung Ethics As A Crucial Competitive Advantage

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Generate Trust
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Trust is good – control is less good as it is demotivating

You cannot earn trust. Trust is always given in advance and should be valued highly. If you trust your co-workers and colleagues you will support entrepreneurial thinking of each person and the teams.

You cannot
motivate your co-workers and colleagues with bonuses or sanctions. Motivation means demotivation, that is what Reinhard Sprenger (see the German recommended reading) once said.
Humans are only motivated by themselves, not by others.

But you can establish the general framework that every co-worker acts and thinks entrepreneurial.
Leading means to make your employees act out of comprehension. It means not to control and answer questions but to foster autonomy and ask questions.

The theme is: Let them study, do not teach them. Trust is the base of long-standing success of conduct.

Every human-being has a desire for self-determined action. It is necessary to satisfy these desires. Because only within a healthy and valued business culture where employees are seen as individuals it is possible to generate long-lasting profitable success.