andré latz team-entwicklung Ethics As A Crucial Competitive Advantage

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The Proposal: In-House Seminars and Keynotes
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Speech is silver, but silence is scrap, because remaining silent only inhibits progress

Recognizing and approaching conflicts improve teamwork.

teamwork between co-workers depends on the atmosphere among the team and the company. Teamwork can’t be done well, if there is no communication to each other, resulting from fear or disinterest.

Conflicts are only a problem, if you do not talk about it. Alternatively, conflicts can even increase productivity.

Leading is geared to humans. Interpersonal interest is the lifeblood of every society, even more for teams.
How is a human-being able to show interest in a client, if there is no interpersonal interest in colleagues?

Teamwork and, therefore, long-lasting economical success can be generated only within a culture of
communication where human-beings are able to talk about everything and where they experience appreciation.