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Proposal: Coaching, Consulting And Training
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Create a long-lasting motivating working atmosphere!

Coaching is both resource and solution-oriented process coaching. The clients are experts in their problems and solutions. The coach is expert in the process of finding the right solutions. The coach supports the teams by finding individual fitting solutions and not by giving the solutions. Systemic coaching is goal-oriented and can be evaluated on the basis of concrete developed goal criteria.

What does teambuilding look like in practice?

It always varies because I work together with different people. At the beginning of a coaching there is always a new question.

Adventure-oriented methodical features at your choice:

• Circus training for businesses
• Climbing
• Rowing
• Yoga

As you know, reliable methods demand decend preparation and follow-up work. Only through this, it can be guaranteed that the method and its sustainability is individualized.

If you opt for an proposal in the form of a seminar or a Coaching-on/in-the job, so it takes at least two to two and a half days plus pre-and post-processing.

As manager you are required here. I can always support you with individual coaching complementing the method.

I always work with
clear cost estimates. There are no hidden costs.

On these pages you will learn more about the offer on the basis of exemplary products.

Value-oriented team development, team training, team coaching from Bonn, but for everywhere.

I am glad to hear if you would like to
contact me.

André Latz