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That Is What You Have To Invest
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I always work with clear cost estimates

My collegues and my presence is paid by hour. I always work with clear cost estimates, there are no
hidden costs.

The hourly rate amounts 230.00 € plus value added tax.
This includes a handout and if necessary literature as well as preparation and follow-up work

Accordingly the daily rate amounts 1,840.00 – 2,300.00 €

Lectures and standardized presentations are offered at a reduced price as a matter of course.

Expenses are charged separately. Incurred costs per kilometer including journey time amounts 0.75 €. I always choose the shortest route from either Bonn, Stuttgart and Hamburg.

Composition of the calculation

  • Generally known, a year has usually 365 days.120 days are allotted due to weekends and holidays.
  • Consequently 245 days are left over minus vacations days and sometimes sick days.
  • Also we have to subtract training days.
  • Every sold day of choaching means 1 to 2 days preparation and follow-up work.
  • This means 80 days a year I can coach and healthy balance between private life and work is given.
  • For me it is also very important to volunteer. I like to engage in various different contexts and I do not want to miss out on that. For that reason I cannot coach more than 80 days a year.
  • Consequently, with those 80 days I have to achieve the turnover for a whole year.

You have further
questions not only about the financial investment?

Gladly I would like to help you!

André Latz