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Product Structure
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The teambuilding method is structured as followed:

  • Analysis of actual situation
  • Definition of the methods
  • Coaching-on/in- the-job
  • Option 1: Reflection of the methods and preparation
  • Option 2: Coaching-on/in-the job or rather follow-up seminar
  • Sustainability assurance of the teambuilding

You can compare the method with a tailor-made suite. The material is of high quality, you can assign the fitting of the suit and it will always fit.

Advantages of seminars outside of your working life (Coaching-off-the-Job):
By disconnecting the job activities straightly a better systematization of the learning process and at the same time an improved didactic reflection can be assured.

Advantages of seminar methods within your working-life (Coaching-on/in-the job):
The transfer to the real working life is straight, because the learning process is integrated. This makes it possible for you to cover the qualification, requirements compactly and time effectively.

Gladly my team and I would like to consult you at any time during the process whether in answering questions about value-oriented teambuilding or management culture.

Do you wish an added value additionally to teambuilding? On request we can arrange a Business Knigge dinner on the last day of the coaching.

You have further

Gladly I would like to help you!

André Latz