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Proposal: Teambuilding
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The structure of a team developement process:

  • Analysis of actual situation and definition of the procedure for the first part of the teambuilding (Duration 1day)
  • Seminar/Teambuilding (duration 2days)
  • Reflection of the seminar/teambuilding and preparation of the next part of the teambuilding (duration 1 day)
  • Follow up seminar/teambuilding
  • Sustainability assurance of the teambuilding

The choice of the method of the teambuilding and the time between the seminars is totally up to you.

Also it is possible to arrange a Coaching-On-the-Job. With Coaching-On-The-Job you safe money as well as time. Additionally the transfer to the real working world is easier to undergo.

If wished you can support the teambuilding within this method for example in a rope-course and rock-climbing facility as well as in a business circus.

A special method would be to support this method of teambuilding with yoga. My professional colleague Thamar Brauer from Iyengar-Yoga-Arts supports me here.

By separating the seminars in two consecutive steps you’ll have the advantage of a long accompanying and more efficient change of process. This should be at least a one year process. It ensures a sustainable and especially efficient teambuilding.

My team and I will always work with you and your team experience-oriented. With teambuilding the sustainability of a change will increase considerably.

There is no need of physical ability in none of the methods for teambuilding.

You have further
questions not only about team development?

Gladly I would like to help you!

André Latz