andré latz team-entwicklung Ethics As A Crucial Competitive Advantage

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There You Will Find A Selection Of The Offered And Relevant Topics
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There are many topics of great relevance for teamwork

These topics include, amongst others:

Leadership skills

Communication skills

Teamroles and cooperation

• So-called
performance-based pay and

Incentive bonus or other bonus systems

Intercultural / cross-cultural skills



For all topics my colleagues and I guarantee necessary expertise and extensive experience. Together we will create a valuable and interesting time.

Effective teamwork is inconceivable without respectful and polite interaction with one another.
Benefit from the In-house seminar “
Business Etiquette” or an equivalent coaching or team coaching with Julia Countess Stolberg and André Latz.

You have further questions not only about team development?

Gladly, I would like to
help you!

André Latz