andré latz team-entwicklung Ethics As A Crucial Competitive Advantage

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Working Principles
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As a matter of course my co-operation partner also follow the mentioned principles:

Transparency is indispensible as the basis for good cooperation in every team and this is equally true for my business relationships.
I justify the use of the methods employed at all times and am only too pleased to explain which methods I consider to be appropriate and for what reasons. I always work with clear
cost estimates.

Discretion is of course a fundamental part of every business relationship. Therefore, I cite only a limited number of references and never without the company’s prior agreement.
In general, I do not provide evaluations or feedback about individual participants in a seminar or coaching session to other appointed persons or higher management levels or persons.

Nobody can bring employees "on track" or establish good teamwork within a negative business culture. My work always has a long-term positive effect on the team. By doing so it is important to value and consider the identity of the company.
I always show appreciation and respect in my work with you my client and also with my colleagues and cooperation partners.

Systematic Connections
Changes in a team or within individuals can only take effect over the long term if the system in which the teams and individuals operate is taken into account. In systematic team building and organisational consultancy, the basic principle is that complex problems can only be solved if attention is focussed on all elements of the system.

Organisations are made up of individuals and are, therefore, diverse in nature. It is this rich variety or diversity and not conformity that is the basis for success because if customers have diverse attitudes, origins and requirements then this must also be reflected in how an organisation or a business operates. Customers will be able to quickly see through the facade created by those companies who promote individuality in their marketing activities but suppress the same individuality in their own organisation.

I’m happy to hear if you would like to
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André Latz