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Responsible Employees Are A KeyComponent For Entrepreneurial Sucess!
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Why is it necessary for your company to establish an appreciative culture?

I support your company to establish a culture of business, leadership and teamwork based on respect and trust.

Every company benefits from a culture full of appreciation and respect.*

  • The status of employee’s illness in such companies is around 3.2% with a long-term average.
  • In companies with valuable culture the long-term fluctuation rate is around 2.7%
  • Flexibility and appreciation enables creativity. Above all, it includes that innovation is promoted.
  • Working independently is only possible within a valuable culture.
  • Entrepreneurial action assumes a culture of teamwork.

Regarding the question about the benefit you’ll find three abstract answers here:

1. Human Dignity
If you
theologically justify human dignity or if you just refer to a liberal democratic Constitution (e.g. Germanies):
Every manager is obliged to honor the dignity of every person as well as supporting every individual in their personal development.

In short:
Social basis is the key for valuable culture in your company at least within a democracy: Universal declaration of human rights.

2. Globalisation
Industrial countries like Germany there is always need for higher personnel costs than in less developed countries. Consequently, global competition cannot be contested on the stage of personnel costs.
However, within a liberal democratic country every company has the advantage of location: such a society is based on responsible, independent and free person. If this standard exists in your company, you just have to deposit the basis of creativity, motivation, innovation and responsibility.

In short:
Entrepreneurial success is based on factors like motivation, responsibility, innovation and independency. It is the key for valuable culture in your company.

3. Performance
Performance, motivation, creativity, trust and innovation are not buyable neither manageable. Only direct supervisors can enable more and better performance by living the leadership culture concretely.
In the long term bonus systems, incentives and similar instruments won’t work. But usually such methods cause deterioration of the results.

In short:
Complying economic interest and ensuring value is the key for valuable culture in your company.

I would be happy to hear your
opinion about this topic!

Simon, Hermann. Hidden Champions des 21. Jahrhunderts: Die Erfolgsstrategien unbekannter Weltmarktführer. Frankfurt am Main: Campus Verlag, 2007. Print.
You'll find the book although as recommended reading on the German page.