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Methodological Background
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I Only Will Work With Science Based Methodology

With humor and laughter about your own weaknesses some problems can be solved quicker.
One who laughs about himself, doesn’t have the attitude to fight or flee.

Graves Value System
The system of psychosocial development after Clare W. Graves is an accurate culture sociologically theory. It helps to define adequate methods that are tailored to the organization or individuals.

Neuro-linguistic programming is developed as a bundle of methods or tool box of different psychological techniques and leads to a more effective interpersonal communication and is able to activate individual process of change.*

Provocative coaching
This provocative style is a method of influence and works with humor and challenges. It is free of cynical arrogance: Not the client is in the focus but his problem.

Systemic constellations
The central point by conducting systemic constellations is to view on dynamics in systems. They allow insight into the general structure of relationships and the unwritten laws of a system.

Solution-oriented coaching or goal-oriented consulting is based on the point that it is more helpful to focus on wishes, goals and resources of the problem instead of focusing on problems and its development.

The Theme-centred interaction is based on the theoretical background of psychoanalysis, group therapy, humanistic psychology and considers experiences from gestalt therapy and group dynamics.

Experience-driven events at your choice:
  • Circus training for businesses
  • Climbing
  • Rowing
  • Yoga

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André Latz

*NLP is not science based. So I only use a few, well founded parts of NLP.