andré latz team-entwicklung Ethics As A Crucial Competitive Advantage

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Theoretical Experience: The Basis for Value-Oriented Team Development
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A small selection of my theoretical experience:

Abitur (German secondary school qualifying for university admission) at Collegium Josephinum Bonn

Business Studies degree (diploma study course) at the University of Cologne

Education, Politics and Sociology degree (masters) at the Rhenish Friedrich Wilhelm University of Bonn

Training to become an IHK Restaurant Specialist at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Bonn /Rhein-Sieg alongside my degree studies

Training to become a Systematic Coach recognised by the German Association for Coaches (Deutschen Coaching Verband e.V.) at the "change concepts academy" in Bonn

Training to become a NLP-Practitioner* recognised by the German Association for Neuro-linguistic programming (DVNLP e.V.) at the "change concepts academy" in Bonn

Theme of thesis: "The impact of trust as a leadership skill for success of business"

I attend advanced training at least two times a year. (Since 2001)

Working on my Ph.D. in Sociology supervised by Prof. Dr. Doris Lucke alongside my regular work

Some information about my practical experience you will find

Benefit from the qualifications of my
co-operation partner.

I’m happy to hear if you would like to
contact me.

André Latz

*The consensus scientific opinion is that NLP is pseudoscience. I only use some minor aspects about communication.