andré latz team-entwicklung Ethics As A Crucial Competitive Advantage

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Target Audience
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Are You Suitable?

Companies that want to establish or improve a sustainable and motivating leadership culture.

Experienced businessmen, executives but also Manager.
One of your main tasks is to promote your employees and to advance their potentials and competencies.
As experienced executive you know the value of coaching. You know that excellent productivity is only guaranteed within a good working business culture.
If there is need to improve the activity of your employees, it has nothing to do with a leck of skills of your employee: Therefore, the method of your choice is teambuilding.

Innovative human resource manager.
You know that strict management rules can be efficient on short notice. However, in the long term it is destructive for your company because your employees work within a system that does not show interest in own initiative.
Motivation and top efficiency cannot be bought. Consequently, you choose the only way of motivating your employees. You support a culture of personal responsibility.

Employees of companies for coaching, training and/or consulting
As professional you know that long-lasting strategic planning can only be succeeded by fitting to the concept.Solely being geared to maximizing the return on investment leads to worse performance and quality.
By knowing this, you also would like to act. You only book seminars and choaching where you expect excellent results.

Young businessmen, new manager
As young businessmen your main task is to support your employees and develop further their potentials and competences. Just at the beginning of teamwork you especially appreciate professional support. Changing must be managed well even more as a manager.
From the start you rely on sustained strategies and wish to realize those.

All diversity dimensions are welcomed.
No matter which gender, women, men or transgender, young or young at heart, straight, homosexual or bisexual, whatever religion, Christians, Buddhists, Muslims and other,
No matter if workers or manager every individual brings enjoyment of work to me.

On the following pages I would like to present some examples for a teambuilding process.

You have further

Gladly I would like to help you!

André Latz