andré latz team-entwicklung Ethics As A Crucial Competitive Advantage

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The Proposal: In-House Seminars and Keynotes
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Personal responsibility is a requirement for a motivated business culture

Strategy advisory for the medium and long term competitive edge requires willingness for change. In the light of the difference between effectiveness and efficiency you will find a balance between both.

An ideal process that brings you and your company further ahead should last over a longer period of time. Just one workshop does not help much. Get on board with me and let me develop an individually tailored process to reach your goals.

My task is to accompany you to the desired destination.

Effectiveness means to do the right things. Efficiency means to do the things right.

  • You want to keep a clear head for your business processes?
  • You follow a strategy over the long-term to trade successfully?
  • You are ambitious and set high expectations for the quality of your services?
  • You want to achieve sustainable changes and not only see results over the next three days?

Set a course for success from the very beginning: enlist the help of an expert to develop an excellent standard of teamwork that precisely matches your particular circumstances. My team and I will support you in achieving sustainable success and reliable profits.

Call my work value-oriented Team-Coaching, Team-Training, or call it Team-Building.
The service provided by andré latz team-entwicklung is a tailored solution for your particular circumstances.

You know:

Ethics is an essential competitive advantage on the long-term!

Strict management rules can be efficient on short notice.
However, in the long term it is destructive for your company because your employees work within a system that doesn’t show interest in own initiative.
To realize a culture of personal responsibility you as manager are required here especially.

Personal responsibility is a requirement for a motivated business culture.

Therefore you as manager support a culture of personal responsibility. For consultation, you can book a coaching with me.

You have further

Gladly I’d like to help you!

André Latz